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Bring the benefits of peer to peer recognition to your company
Competitor summary:

Founded in 2008, Achievers offers cloud-based tools for employee engagement, employee alignment, social employee recognition, global rewards, and analytics. Implementation of the platform is managed by a professional services team. Self-service is not an option.

Achievers pricing comes in two forms: a pay-for-performance model or a subscription fee, but specifics on those pricing schedules are not immediately available to the public.

See also:, Terryberry, Globoforce, OCTanner, SuccessFactors, YouEarnedIt, Kudos.

Celebrate Success with Microbonuses™

Research clearly shows that top-down recognition is not what makes companies thrive today – it’s recognition by your peers, the people you work with every day.
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In a matter of minutes, you can bring the benefits of peer-to-peer recognition to your company.