JUST AUTO sought to replace a paper-based recognition program with Bonusly. Three months later, the program is a clear success.
Automotive enthusiasts content provider
62 staff in Melbourne VIC, Geelong VIC, Perth WA, and in the field
Jayson Newman, Office & Administration Manager, was the sponsor

Company background

JUST AUTO manages a network of seven vehicle marketplaces (JUST Cars, JUST Bikes, JUST Parts, JUST 4x4s, JUST Trucks, JUST Heavy Equipment, Autotrader & Boattrader) and is Australia’s largest privately owned publishing company with a strong and ever-growing online presence.

The company has three main offices as well as Business Development staff in the majority of Australian states.


JUST AUTO signed up for Bonusly in order to improve upon an existing employee recognition program.

"The old program was paper-based, and didn't engage employees at different offices or in the field. Because it was cumbersome and lacked interactivity, sometimes it was forgotten entirely,"

said Jayson Newman, Office & Administration Manager, based at JUST AUTO's Geelong, Victoria office.

"We wanted a simple online system that was transparent, easy to use - even for field employees, and that not only recognized the popular staff but facilitated recognition based on merit. The idea of a monthly point allocation and issuing reminders was an important factor."

Rollout and adoption

Jayson was able to sign_up and configure JUST AUTO's account in under 30 minutes. After an initial testing phase with a small team, Bonusly was rolled out to all staff. The old paper-based system was phased out over the following six weeks.

"Bonusly has been hugely successful and far exceeded our expectations. The fact that we have recently had two winners from our Perth (Western Australia) office highlights that the system has already become a part of our organisation's culture."
"Bonusly has created tangible links between our three main offices, while also keeping our field staff informed and allowing them to stay connected to their colleagues. Because of the ability to allocate varying amounts of points to bonuses, more staff are being recognized. And even small bonuses make a difference in the job satisfaction of our workers."

Just Auto's goals

  • Peer-to-peer acknowledgement of contributions everyone makes to the business
  • Transparent and easy to use system
  • Reinforce company values
  • Implementation of an innovative & progressive solution
Launched August 2013
Currency Points
Allowance 100 Points
  • 322 Bonuses given
  • 67% Users giving
  • 98% Users receiving
  • 2.3 bonuses Average give rate per month
"Bonusly has been hugely successful and far exceeded our expectations."
Jayson Newman
Office & Administration Manager, JUST AUTO