At Kadence, Bonusly provides valuable insights and helps to increase productivity and teamwork.
Kadence is a leading market research and insight agency.
13 Employees in the Boston, MA office. (Around 300 employees worldwide.)
Wes Patterson, Associate Director adopted Bonusly

Company background

Wes Patterson, Associate Director at the Boston, MA office of Kadence International, first heard about peer bonuses after reading 'Drive' by Dan Pink.

Upon seeing an article about Bonusly, he advocated for its use in his office. Since Bonusly is free for small teams, it was easy to get the go-ahead for a pilot.

Kadence gives its employees a cash allowance ($100 per month) from which to recognize their colleagues with bonuses. Bonus earnings are paid out by check every three months.

Objectives and adoption

The two primary goals for adopting Bonusly were to "increase productivity and teamwork".

"We also wanted to have a source of payment that was decentralized, not top-down. The solution also needed to be easy to set up and easy to use."

Users immediately "got" Bonusly.

"People were on it right away. Within a few hours there were a number of bonuses given out."


Feedback on Bonusly has been very positive. An internal audit revealed that since adopting Bonusly,

"50% of employees say they are more productive, and 58% say they are more likely to help their colleagues."

That isn't the only positive effect of Bonusly.

"It highlighted some relationships and dynamics in the office that were otherwise invisible. For example, who is helping whom, and on what. Who works together well."

Bonusly also provided some surprising results.

"It revealed the emergence of a slight gender bias in the office" – analysis showed a small tendency to recognize colleagues of the same gender. "We're using that knowledge to restructure our teams and make them more diverse."

Overall, Bonusly has been a very valuable tool for Kadence International.

"I would definitely recommend Bonusly to other companies. It's a great way to encourage teamwork. It's been very positive at our office."

Kadence's goals

  • Increase teamwork
  • Increase positive feedback
  • Increase recognition
  • Adopt a peer-to-peer component for compensation
Launched September 2013
Currency $ (USD)
Allowance $100
  • 518 Bonuses given
  • 100% Users giving
  • 100% Users receiving
  • $9.10 Average bonus
  • 8.3 bonuses Average give rate per month
"I would definitely recommend Bonusly. It's a great way to encourage teamwork."
Wes Patterson
Associate Director