Lancope's most valued asset is its people. Bonusly provides an easy way for them to be appreciated on a daily basis.
Top Network Security Software Provider
Over 250 Employees Worldwide (30% remote)
Director of Human Resources led evaluation and adoption of Bonusly


Over the past 11 years, Lancope has set the standard for the network security industry with its unparalleled technology, talented team, and philosophy of constant improvement and growth.

Lancope is also a leader when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, with innovative benefits like unlimited vacation (Flexible PTO), a strong culture of appreciation, and regular town hall meetings.

When Lancope needed a simple, intuitive system to reinforce its unique vision and increase engagement across a worldwide organization, Bonusly was the perfect choice.

Rollout and adoption

After a weeklong pilot with the senior executive team, Lancope's director of Human Resources, Kelly Bachtell held an all-hands meeting and ice cream party (!) to introduce the new system company-wide. "A lot of people were really excited," she said.

Invitations went out Sunday night, and by Monday morning everyone was logged in and giving bonuses to their colleagues.

"I thought usage might drop after a while, but it hasn't. Bonusly has been even more popular than I expected."

A culture of appreciation

"Lancope's most important assets are its technology and its people," Kelly explained. Employees are recognized both online with Bonusly and offline during town hall meetings, with data from Bonusly helping to nominate leaders across several categories.

Managers and non-managers alike appreciate the ease with which they can recognize each others' achievements and thank one another for the great work they do. In particular,

"Bonusly has really helped maintain great morale in our engineering team."

Lancope's goals

  • Implement a simpler, more effective recognition platform
  • Improve adoption and engagement over previous program
  • Create a low friction, high usage incentive program
  • Positively bias interpersonal communication
  • Catalyze a rewarding, high morale environment
Launched August 2014
Currency Cope Cash (CC)
Allowance CC100
  • 2,731 Bonuses given
  • 56% Users giving
  • 69% Users receiving
  • 17 Cope Cash Average bonus
  • 3.5 bonuses Average give rate per month
"I can't say enough good things about [Bonusly], and neither can our employees. They absolutely love it!"
Kelly Bachtell
Director of Human Resources