Co-founder Bartosz Pietrzak wanted a recognition program that would fit Monterail's culture of transparency, honesty, and shared responsibility.
Monterail is a web design and development agency specializing in Ruby on Rails & Javascript.
25 Employees in Wrocław and Bydgoszcz offices (Poland) and working remotely.
Co-founder Bartosz Pietrzak adopted Bonusly.

Company background

Monterail is an innovative, successful web development company based in Poland. They serve a variety of clients, from startups to large businesses, all over the world.

Part of their success is due to a strong culture that values transparency & honesty, and a commitment to a flat organizational structure.

Objectives and adoption

Bartosz and the other co-founders of Monterail were looking for a bonus system, online or offline, that would match Monterail's culture.

"We were looking for a system that would recognize our values while keeping politics out of the process. As the co-founders, we felt that we were not the only people to be recognizing team members for a job well-done. We value teamwork very much, and we want everyone to share responsibility [for recognizing one another]."

Rolling out Bonusly was easy. Bartosz added the Monterail team to Bonusly, and introduced the concept at an all-hands meeting.

"The process was so simple - I just said 'Let's test-drive this for a month' and there was no need to explain it further."


Bonusly worked exactly as hoped.

"It met our goals perfectly. There's not much to add - the system is working so smoothly. We feel that this is the best way to handle bonuses."

Employees appreciated Bonusly as well. In a presentation, they cited Bonusly "as a great way to recognize people for doing good work."

Monterail's goals

  • "Politics-free" and non-hierarchical bonus program
  • Recognition that is transparent & honest
Launched September 2013
Currency zł (PLN)
Allowance 60zł
  • 696 Bonuses given
  • 100% Users giving
  • 100% Users receiving
  • 3.6zł Average bonus
  • 5.3 bonuses Average give rate per month
"The service is so simple, and it gives us so much value."
Bartosz Pietrzak
Co-founder of Monterail