With Bonusly, MyNorth Media implemented a peer bonus program that was easy to use, promoted teamwork, and fostered a culture of positive feedback.
Media company that produces content about Northern Michigan for an audience of 1.5 million in print, digital, mobile, and video.
26 employees in Traverse City, MI
Founder and President Deb Fellows adopted Bonusly

Easy setup

Deb Fellows, founder and president of MyNorth Media, heard about Bonusly from an article on the web. "It struck me as a fantastic idea to encourage peer-to-peer interaction and collaboration."

Deb decided to give Bonusly a try, hoping that it would build a sense of teamwork, and foster a culture of appreciation in the workplace.

Bonusly was introduced to the team of 26 via an email to each staff member, as well as a brief mention in a staff meeting. Adoption was almost instant.

“Our team was giving bonuses, literally, in minutes. It surprised me how quickly it was adopted within our company. Bonusly is beautifully designed to make the process very user-friendly.”

Cost-effective impact

Since rolling out Bonusly three months ago, feedback from staff has been very positive.

"I hear about how great it is to have a place to thank or acknowledge someone. People often like logging on to Bonusly and reading the reasons behind the bonuses."

Just like bonus giving, bonus payouts are also public, and have become part of the culture of celebrating others.

"I pay out the bonuses every few weeks and I literally walk desk to desk and count out $1 bills. We work in an open office environment and it is surprisingly energizing to everyone as I count out the bills. People sometimes whistle or whoop if there is a particularly big bonus payout. And so far, everyone usually gets something, even if it’s just a few dollars that can go toward a good cup of coffee."

Employees at MyNorth Media receive a monthly allowance of $10 to give to their peers. The average bonus amount is $1.85, with users giving an average of 3.5 bonuses per month. This works out to a total cost of about $7 per employee per month.

Better than "top-down"

Deb knew of more traditional, top-down solutions like manager-driven spot bonuses, but didn’t find them to be practical. Bonusly’s decentralized approach made a lot more sense.

"It is really hard, even in a small company, for management to know about the many amazing things done each day to solve problems or come up with a creative approach. Bonusly helps me know that those things are acknowledged and rewarded."

MyNorth Media's goals

  • Incentivize teamwork
  • Foster a culture of excellence and appreciation
  • Build a successful alternative to a "top-down" bonus program
  • Encourage praise and recognition on a daily basis
Launched June 2013
Currency $ (USD)
Allowance $10
  • 301 Bonuses given
  • 96% Users giving
  • 100% Users receiving
  • $1.85 Average bonus
  • 3.5 bonuses Average give rate per month
"Our staff was giving bonuses, literally, in minutes."
Deb Fellows
Founder and President of MyNorth Media