The case study of
Oracle's EPM team embraces Bonusly's peer-bonus functionality and experiences a cultural shift with more positive communication, strong performance recognition and better overall morale.
Software development team building enterprise software systems
78 technical and non-technical employees in Stamford CT, Burlington MA, San Jose CA and Bangalore, India
VP, Product Development was the sponsor

Company background

Oracle's market-leading performance management applications enable organizations to achieve business excellence by integrating strategy, planning, and execution across management and operational systems.


Oracle EPM’s VP of Product development wanted to implement an innovative social application across a large development team spread over multiple locations (US and abroad), to increase employee morale and motivation.

He wanted to reward excellence faster than a traditional annual bonus scheme by quickly recognizing employee achievements.

Rollout and adoption

The team implemented Bonusly in under an hour. Shortly thereafter, Bonusly was introduced to all 78 team members in Nov 2012 at a team all hands meeting. Each of the team members received a monthly 100 point allowance, recurring monthly.

The team opted to use points as the rewards currency and to adopt the automatically generated quarterly and annual accolades, including awards to employees who give and receive the most bonuses.

The system was embraced by the team and, without encouragement or training, was quickly in widespread use. Within 8 weeks 78% of users had given at least one bonus and 94% had received one. High usage levels have held constant with typical users giving 3 or more bonuses per month.

Oracle's goals

  • Reward employees for outstanding contributions
  • Highlight top performers with quarterly and annual awards
  • Create a low friction, high usage incentive program
  • Positively bias interpersonal communication
  • Catalyze a rewarding, high morale environment
Launched November 2012
Currency Points
Allowance 100 Points
  • 391 Bonuses given
  • 78% Users giving
  • 94% Users receiving
  • 3.1 bonuses Average give rate per month
"Bonusly quickly became part of our team's culture at Oracle"
VP Product Development
Oracle Corp