TripIt built a rich culture of recognition; Bonusly made it easy to sustain.
The world’s highest-rated travel-organizing app
Over 80 team members distributed across San Francisco, Prague, and Bellevue
Bonusly initiative spearheaded by HR Business Partner, Lilian Loyola

Make it "Automagical"

With a tireless focus on bringing calm to the chaos, and peace of mind to travel, TripIt is the world’s highest-rated travel-organizing app. The team has built a rich culture of encouragement and appreciation across an organization of smart, down-to-earth people who are passionate about travel and technology.

“We embrace a culture of encouragement and appreciation in a fun environment,” said Lilian Loyola, TripIt’s HR Business Partner. The next step was to do what the TripIt does best: make that experience automagical.

Celebrating everyday contributions

In addition to its dedication to employee development and fulfillment through external events like happy hours, Toastmasters Club, volunteer hours, and involvement with charities, TripIt employs programs like ‘Elf of the Month’ to bring the team’s diverse contributions to light.

“In some other organizations it’s all about a big win, but we like to take the time to celebrate every contribution made by our employees,” Loyola explained. “It sets the stage for our collaborative, supportive environment, which is why Bonusly was such a great fit for us.”


A small group, including all senior leaders piloted Bonusly at first, then and expanded it in a phased approach once it was clear it was going to be a hit with the team. “It was something we wanted, and to see it in action was really great!” said Loyola.

TripIt's goals

  • Foster a culture of encouragement and appreciation
  • Keep the program simple, and flexible
Launched May 2014
Currency Points
Allowance 15 Points
  • 3,461 Bonuses given
  • 69% Users giving
  • 89% Users receiving
  • 2 Points Average bonus
  • 4 bonuses Average give rate per month
"Bonusly is a great fit for our culture."
Lilian Loyola
HR Business Partner