ZipRecruiter wanted to promote employee interaction during a period of rapid growth, and foster a culture of "giving credit where credit is due".
ZipRecruiter offers the fastest and easiest way to get a job listing in front of millions of candidates.
125-person company based in Santa Monica, CA with a few remote employees scattered around the US.
Amy Klimek, Director of HR, and Maria Alparaz, HR Assistant, adopted Bonusly.

Promoting a healthy culture

ZipRecruiter was going through a period of rapid growth and needed a way to promote employee interaction and foster a recognition-rich culture.

An advisor introduced the CEO, Ian Siegel, to Bonusly. Ian was intrigued and asked his Director of HR, Amy Klimek, to evaluate it. After a brief trial, Amy along with HR Assistant, Maria Alparaz, rolled out Bonusly to the whole company.

"Amy sent an introductory email company-wide explaining what Bonusly is and then we sent out invites for everyone to join," explained Maria. "The rollout went really well - people started using it right away."

The first thing employees use

"We weren't sure if the team would adopt [Bonusly]. We were worried they would think, 'Oh another HR program we have to participate in,' and then move on.

But everyone uses it, and really likes it. For new employees, Bonusly is the first application they use out of all the different tools we have."

Lasting effects

Bonusly has met all of ZipRecruiter's goals, especially in promoting recognition and interaction. "Employees aren't required to use Bonusly, but everyone does. Executive leadership loves it, and they end up giving out all their ZipPoints every month."

Would Maria recommend Bonusly to others? "Absolutely! It's easy and convenient, and your employees will love it."

ZipRecruiter's goals

  • Promote employee interaction
  • Foster a recognition-rich culture
  • Reward employees for their accomplishments
Launched February 2014
Currency Zip Points
Allowance 100 Zip Points
  • 2,767 Bonuses given
  • 95% Users giving
  • 94% Users receiving
  • 10 Zip Points Average bonus
  • 6 bonuses Average give rate per month
"Your employees will love it."
Maria Alparaz
HR Assistant

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