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Keep up with the great work happening around you by joining the shared #recognition channel, a live feed of every bonus that employees can view and interact with throughout the workday.

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Send recognition in seconds using the /give command in any channel where the Bonusly app is installed and get notified whenever you receive a bonus, get an award, or earn an achievement.

Remember every birthday

Passing a card around for everyone to sign is a hassle. The Bonusly app reminds your employees when someone's having a birthday or work anniversary so you can celebrate special occasions on the right day in a meaningful way.

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  • “Of all the @SlackHQ integrations we've tried @Ionicframework, the one that survived and is still very actively used today is @bonusly.”

    Max Lynch, Co-founder and CEO

  • “[T]here’s always a steady stream of visible recognition in Slack that helps people see how their individual efforts help us meet our mission during ongoing change.”

    Keira Torkko, VP of Employee Experience

  • “We love how Bonusly's Slack integration makes it so easy to celebrate our team wins! Having Bonusly in Slack improves the visibility of recognition and increases our giving activity.”

    Julie Parkes, Office Operations and Team Happiness

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