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Employee engagement and recognition are key to successful companies, and Bonusly has seen this first-hand from the success of our customers and the culture of our own team. We're proud to have been recognized for our impressive growth and being a great place to work. 🎉

We also believe that #GreatWorkSupportsGreatWork, and we're blown away by the amount Bonusly users have donated through our platform.

Life at Bonusly

At Bonusly, our work is focused on improving employee experience for companies around the world, and that can be a bit meta sometimes. 😃 But it shows in our ongoing commitment to our team's experience! Our values aren't just nice-sounding words on a poster somewhere, but a succinct description of our culture and what it's like to work here.

Diversity & Inclusion are priorities for Bonusly in our product, hiring practices, and throughout our workplace. As of 2021, Bonusly is 50% non-male across the leadership team, people managers, and the entire company. We are also 35% non-white, with black and Latino populations making up 17% of our total employee population.

  • “As soon as I met the people I would be working with at Bonusly, I knew I wanted to work here. My manager provides a space where the team can build psychological safety with each other. We feel empowered to speak up and try things out. I’ve never met anyone on my team in person, but I’ve never felt a company’s culture as strongly as at Bonusly.“

    Erin Hinson, Senior Software Engineer

  • “I'm excited about the work that we're doing when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. There's so much work to be done in this area and support to do it at Bonusly. There was a lot already being done to live our value of #seek-and-embrace-diversity in action (especially in our recruiting process) and I'm excited to be expanding on that.“

    Vicki Yang, VP, People Operations

  • “What makes someone successful on your team? I think people that will find the most success on our team are people that are self-starters. To me, that means that you're able to take a ticket that's not perfectly filled out and work on it. Though, it doesn't mean that you'll need to know how to do the ticket completely. We end up pairing for most of our tickets!“

    Jon Nguyen, Software Engineer

  • “Bonusly's professional development process is outstanding and includes scheduled peer feedback along with more formal peer reviews. This feedback is recorded, prioritized, and mapped to career ladders so you know exactly what to work on to improve. We also have a generous yearly budget for conferences, courses, and other learning materials.“

    Albert Wavering, Paid Media Lead

  • “Bonusly has built a cultural engine that we feel the benefits of every day at InVision. We've had lots of leaders reach out in the last month for advice on how to operate as a fully distributed company and Bonusly is one of the tools I recommend — valuable in all circumstances, but particularly in this physically distant time.”

    David Fraga, President

  • “During an exceptionally challenging year, Bonusly has helped SurveyMonkey employees stay connected and motivated. The platform makes it easy for us to warmly welcome new hires, reinforce our company values, and celebrate wins together despite the sudden shift to remote work.”

    Becky Cantieri, Chief People Officer

  • “The best thing about Bonusly is that I can see what my team is doing, know whether their contributions are being noticed (both inside and outside our department), and trust that everyone feels appreciated day-to-day.”

    Colleen Smith, Lead UI/UX and Product Design Engineer

  • “I like Bonusly a lot. Easy to use and a great way of showing appreciation.”


  • “Very intuitive interface. Great platform for team motivation and gratitude.”


  • “It's an extraordinary concept to show gratitude to your fellow colleagues when they spend their precious time helping you out.”


  • “Great way to send positive feedback to teammates, especially in these challenging times where we don't see people in person.”


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