What does Employee Turnover Cost You?

What you save by reducing employee turnover

# of employees in team
per Year
Employees lost per year
$ K
Average annual salary
x Salary
Annual Value Produced
Mean Time to Fill Open Positions
Time to reach full productivity
% of Salary
Cost to Fill Position

Why Does Employee Turnover Cost So Much?

Employee turnover costs include more than job posting fees and recruiter commissions. Some of the hidden costs of turnover include lower productivity, training, lost knowlege, and overworked remaining staff.

Luckily, studies show that you can reduce employee turnover with a well-designed employee recognition program like Bonusly.

Can employee recognition reduce turnover?

Annual Cost of Employee Turnover

Average Tenure:

Tenure at Google and Amazon is about 1.0 years

- Years
Recruitment Cost: $-
Unfilled Role Opportunity Cost: $-
Ramp up Time Opportunity Cost: $-
Total Annual Turnover Cost: $-
Bonusly Attrition Reduction Estimate:

Recognition can reduce turnover by 31%

Monthly User Bonus Allowance:

Assume 65% allowance utilization

Annual Bonusly Cost: $-
Annual Allowance Cost: $-
Annual Bonusly Benefit: $-
Bonusly ROI: $-