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You'll pay face value for rewards when your employees redeem from the Bonusly Reward Catalog: a $10 Amazon gift card will cost you $10. Because we don't combine your rewards spend with your subscription costs, you don't have to pay large upfront costs to get started with Bonusly, and you'll never pay for any unused monthly allowance. Learn more about how to budget for your reward spending here.

Companies that use Bonusly report higher employee engagement and productivity; individual employees report increased happiness and motivation. When employees are engaged, motivated, and happy at work, turnover rates decrease significantly. Companies typically spend more than twice the value of an annual salary to fill highly-skilled roles. By directly addressing the factors that contribute to turnover, Bonusly is an investment in your employees that supports your bottom line.

With our free trial, you’ll experience everything that Bonusly has to offer. Explore the platform, invite your coworkers to start giving each other bonuses, and even integrate Bonusly with your company's collaborative tools, single sign-on services, and HR systems. You’ll also be introduced to our Customer Success team; if you have any questions, you can chat with them directly in Bonusly. The fine print is plain and simple: we don't require any payment information for the free trial.

We’re so glad you asked! For an overview of Bonusly, check out our product tour. To dive into greater detail, our Help Center and Product blog can help you learn how to use and make the most of Bonusly. Of course, you can always sign up for a trial to explore the features yourself or get a demo to see them in action.

Bonusly fosters recognition-rich cultures in all types of organizations, from startups to global corporations; from animal hospitals to non-profits; from factories to offices to distributed teams. The Bonusly Core plan is great for small teams and orgs (50 people or fewer) that want to introduce an engaging, fun, and easy recognition program. The Pro plan is a good fit for teams and orgs that want to build a culture of recognition that’s scalable and easy to manage. Our custom plans are for enterprise organizations as well as companies with more than 100 employees. Get in touch to chat about your unique needs.

We want you to be fully satisfied with Bonusly and will work with you to make sure the program is successful. If you do decide to cancel, you can easily do so at any time.

We offer discounts for non-profit and education organizations.
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