Gilt has always pushed the envelope with its innovative, employee-centered culture. Bonusly was a perfect fit.
Online retailer providing insider access to today’s top brands
Over 1,000 employees in New York, Kentucky, and Ireland
Rewards initiative led by CEO, with Bonusly providing easy administration and adoption


Since its founding in 2007, Gilt has been a leader in both fashion and technology. They're also far ahead of the pack when it comes to thinking about their most valuable resource - employees. In 2013, Gilt's CEO Michelle Peluso implemented a peer-to-peer bonus program called "Gilt Gold".

In May 2014, Gilt decided to implement Bonusly. They wanted an intuitive and effective platform that would integrate with the enterprise tools they already used, like Okta and Workday.

Rollout and adoption

Employee feedback has been very positive, and the Gilt team was particularly impressed with how easy Bonusly was to adopt and roll out to the whole company.

Even better, participation in the Gilt Gold program improved by 22% after implementing Bonusly.

Pleasant surprises

Employees found Bonusly intuitive and easy-to-use, and Gilt's leadership expressed their excitement at Bonusly’s effectiveness in providing a forum for the celebration of success and great work.

"Bonusly is now part of our culture. It has reinforced the giving of positive and constructive feedback. It enables communication across departments and across the company. It's something we do now."

Gilt's goals

  • Keep people connected - give and view feedback in real time
  • Promote company core values
  • Enable positive feedback throughout the company
Launched May 2014
Currency Gilt Gold
Allowance 4 Gilt Golds
  • 9,417 Bonuses given
  • 52% Users giving
  • 63% Users receiving
  • 1 Gilt Gold Average bonus
  • 4 bonuses Average give rate per month
"Bonusly just works - it's something we all do now."
Sherri Rosenthal
HR Manager