At Kaleidoscope, Bonusly has become a significant part of the annual performance management process. In two months, Bonusly facilitated nearly $6,000 in employee-to-employee bonuses
Kaleidoscope is an organization of creative and strategically driven people that solve brand and business challenges through Iterative Design Thinking.
Over 65 employees at Kaleidoscope's Chicago office
Colleen Vos, Culture & Talent Manager, adopted Bonusly

Company background

When Colleen Vos, Culture & Talent Manager at Kaleidoscope, first heard about Bonusly, she knew it would be "perfect".

"We are a collaborative environment and our best work comes from working across multiple departments and disciplines. It's great for your manager to recognize your work, but it's even better for the recognition to come from your colleagues."

With the full support of Kaleidoscope's CEO and COO, Colleen launched Bonusly at the Chicago office in October. Employees have an allowance of $50 per month that they can use to recognize colleagues with bonuses.

In addition, one employee is selected per month to receive a HERO Sandwich award, which comes with $150 and an extra day of paid time off.

Rollout and adoption

The rollout of Bonusly was quick and easy. Bonusly was first announced along with a new performance management process.

"We also followed it up with an email the day [Bonusly] was launched. I was surprised to see how quickly it was adopted and how few questions I've had about it."

Engagement has been very high - 97% of employees have given a bonus, and 100% have received one.

"I'm also surprised how many people read through all the bonuses and comment on them. I really like that there is a comment feature."


In the first two months, Bonusly facilitated nearly $6,000 of bonuses. "Everyone loves it." One of Colleen's coworkers described Bonusly as, "encouraging, fun, thoughtful, tear-jerking, talked-about, popular, and fun to read."

Currently, Bonusly is used by the 60+ employees at Kaleidoscope's Chicago office, but Colleen would love to see it rolled out to their other offices in LA, New York, and the UK.

"It's a great way to boost morale, encourage collaboration, and have a year-round recognition process that isn't run by management."

Kaleidoscope's goals

  • Encourage collaboration
  • Motivate staff with frequent recognition
  • Promote understanding & communication across departments
Launched October 2013
Currency $ (USD)
Allowance $50
  • 719 Bonuses given
  • 97% Users giving
  • 100% Users receiving
  • $9 Points Average bonus
  • 4.6 bonuses Average give rate per month
"It's a great way to boost morale."
Colleen Vos
Culture & Talent Manager