Giving a bonus is a natural, social interaction — not a stuffy form. GIFs, images, links, and emoji help make bonuses engaging and personal.

By offering a detailed reason for a bonus, you can celebrate individual contributions and highlight what’s important to your organization. You can also tie recognition to your company’s core values to make it more impactful. Get more tips on giving great bonuses

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+10 @frank thanks for inviting me to join your client meeting today. I loved how you established rapport and I can't wait to try your approach at my next meeting! #leadership

Cats Meeting

Bonuses can be given by peers and direct reports as well as by managers and executives. And anyone can add-on to a bonus to include their appreciation.

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Meaningful rewards

Bonusly minimizes the administration time needed to turn recognition into tangible perks.

Global catalog

With gift cards from the world's most popular brands, as well as cash and charity donation options that are instantly available, Bonusly's extensive digital rewards catalog makes rewarding employees as simple as it is impactful.

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Custom rewards

Add your own unique company rewards to create a tailored experience for your team.

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Custom Rewards

Don’t miss our research on why rewards are so important for your recognition program.

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Make recognition a habit for your employees by integrating it with their existing workflows. They can see and give recognition where they work, whether that’s in Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Chatter, or your own intranet.

Minimize admin time by integrating Bonusly with HRIS/HRMS and SSO software such as Zenefits, BambooHR, Workday, ADP, Okta, OneLogin, and more!

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Evaluate recognition trends in your organization and learn where team members excel with detailed analytics and reporting.

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Digital Signage

Keep recognition top of mind by displaying recent bonuses on screens in your workspace, whether that's in a conference room, by the kitchen, or on the factory floor.

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Digital Signage
Manager Experience

Manager experience

Ensure a tailored experience for managers and their teams with special team achievements, shortcuts for recognizing entire teams, and personalized bonus feeds based on teams. Plus, view analytics reports by team.

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