How Bonusly works
Every month, users get an allowance to give out to their colleagues in small increments to recognize great work.
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13m ago
Mark: +6 @jenny @lisa for amazingly quick turnaround on the quarterly sales reports! #110% #work-smart
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Monthly allowance
Users give out this allowance to their colleagues. The allowance refreshes at the beginning of each month.
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Bonus earnings
Bonus earnings can be spent on anything from your company’s global reward catalog.
Giving a Bonus
Giving a bonus is a quick, simple interaction. Each bonus includes four things: an amount, a recipient, a reason, and a hashtag.
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Bonus amount
Bonuses can be given in any amount. If a bonus includes more than one recipient, every recipient receives a bonus from the giver in that amount.
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Bonus recipients
Every bonus includes at least one recipient, but there is no limit to the number of recipients that can be added to a bonus.
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The reason
Each microbonus includes a written reason, so everyone can see all the great work happening across your organization every day.
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Each bonus includes at least one hashtag. Hashtags reveal trends and provide insights into your team's values and interests.
With a global catalog of the world's most popular brands instantly available, Bonusly's built-in reward catalog makes rewarding employees as simple as it is impactful.
Custom catalog support makes it simple to add and manage your own unique company rewards.
Extra day off - 2000 points
Redeem reward
Free lunch - 500 points
Redeem reward
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