The Guide to Modern Employee Recognition Employee Recognition Tools and Resources

Employee recognition is easy to integrate into your organizational culture if you have the right tools and resources.
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Helpful Integrations


Slack is a useful tool for both real-time and asynchronous team communication. It also includes file sharing, contextual search (to help find important conversations and files anytime), and a huge list of app integrations.

Slack's Bonusly integration makes it an excellent tool for employee recognition by allowing users to broadcast recognition activity to their team, and even give microbonuses without breaking their workflow.


Yammer is a social network for enterprise. It's a great way to stay connected, and share assets and information between team members. Yammer offers contextual discovery, search, document sharing, an intelligent feed, and rich user profiles.

Yammer's Bonusly integration adds peer recognition capabilities to the list. This integration enables the broadcasting of peer recognition activity, as well as single-sign on capabilities to make integration seamless.

Small Improvements

Small Improvements is a tool for modern employee reviews and talent management. Small Improvements offers tools like 360 degree feedback, objective tracking, and seamless communication.

The Small Improvements Bonusly integration provides employee recognition data to help paint a more complete picture of an employee's contributions to the organization during reviews. Instead of trying to think back on an employee's greatest achievements over the past quarter, or past year, they're easy to view within an employee's profile.

Modern Measurement Tools

How do you gauge the success of your staff appreciation program? By measuring it. There are a number of great tools available to help you determine the effectiveness of any program you choose to implement.


TINYpulse is a tool that enables leaders to better understand their team by regularly soliciting anonymous, low-overhead 'pulse' surveys. It's a great way to measure the effects employee appreciation initiatives are actually having on the team.

Bonusly Analytics

Bonusly Analytics uses the rich social data produced by the giving of microbonuses, and transforms it into useful data, predictive metrics, and timelines.

Bonusly Analytics can help you to see which employees are standing out as excellent contributors, and which employees might need extra support to help them succeed. You can also measure the effectiveness and overall engagement of your staff recognition program.


Officevibe is another great tool for measuring employee sentiments. You can send weekly surveys to measure employee satisfaction and engagement, while offering useful and actionable advice on ways to improve it.

Officevibe's new Slack bot, Leo is a great way to keep that communication channel open and present without disrupting your team's workflow.

Employee Recognition Resources

There are many excellent information resources available to help you improve all aspects of organizational culture, from employee recognition to employee engagement. Here are a few great reads:

Bonusly Blog

The Bonusly blog covers a range of useful topics from creative employee reward ideas, to employee engagement and inspiring employee loyalty.

You'll find engaging infographics and regular interviews with industry experts and culture leaders who share their insights on a range of important topics.

Officevibe Blog

The Officevibe blog is a great resource. It includes entertaining, yet educational articles and infographics about employee engagement, company culture, and how to improve both. Officevibe's blog also features 'culture talks,' where industry thought leaders share valuable information over video interviews.

When I Work Blog

When I Work is a useful tool for scheduling and communicating with hourly employees, but the When I Work blog covers a huge range of topics. You can learn new ways to develop better people management skills, recruit and onboard new employees, and manage millennials. The WhenIWork also provide some excellent guides for small business HR.


TLNT is a publication focused on HR news and insights. There are artilces ranging from HR basics, to more complicated subjects like onboarding techniques, narrowing workforce skills gaps, and improving employee retention.

Get the Right Tools

Just like anything else, it's important to have tools at your disposal if you're planning to integrate and administer an employee recognition program.

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